Hiking GPS Unit Purchasing Strategies

Garmin GPS Unit
Skyline Trail, Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia, Canada.

A Top Range Garmin GPS Unit For Hiking

portable GPS Unit unit for Hiking

Firstly, take into account your immediate hiking needs together with what you may need in the next few years. It may be very tempting to buy a cheap entry level hiking GPS unit but ensure you don’t waste your money on one that is without the features you will need, such as mapping, expandable memory or a built-in compass. Likewise, avoid purchasing top of range hiking GPS units unless you are sure you will make full use of all the extra features. Top of the range handheld GPS systems for hiking are expensive and technology is always moving on at a rapid pace. Hiking GPS units may be very different in a few years time.


The purchasing strategy you undertake may depend on whether you already have a GPS unit, GPS software or neither:

Best GPS Unit Purchasing Strategies

  • No Existing GPS Unit or Software – If you don’t have a GPS unit or GPS software then you can decide whether the features of the GPS software or the GPS unit are more important to you and buy that first. If the GPS software features are more important to you then use that software to determine which compatible GPS unit to buy. Likewise, if the GPS unit features are more important to you then use that GPS unit to determine which compatible GPS software to buy.
  • Already Have GPS Software – If you already have GPS software, to minimise costs, you could find out which GPS units are compatible with it and buy a device with the features you want.
  • Already Have A GPS Unit – If you already have a GPS unit, to minimise costs, you could find out which GPS software is compatible with it and buy software with the features you want. One of the cheapest GPS Unit purchasing strategies.

digital gps unit for Hiking

Brands Of GPS Unit For Hiking & Walking

Garmin Sat Nav & GPS

Some of the best hiking GPS device brands are Garmin GPS, Magellan GPS, Satmap GPS, Bushnell GPS, Lowrance GPS and DeLorme GPS. Each of these brands offers various handheld GPS units suitable for hiking. Garmin offers the widest range of GPS units and the Garmin hiking GPS range is quite large.

Summary On GPS Units For Hiking & Walking

A Lone Hiker Using A GPS On A Mountain

Using a hiking GPS unit can provide you with a greater feeling of safety and security during your hiking trips, especially in an emergency situation. It can also enable you to get greater enjoyment from hiking. And provide you with a method of recording your adventures. Once you’ve decided to acquire a hiking GPS, take a brief look at your local shop or internet retailer to see the various options available to you. See if your friends already have a GPS unit that you can borrow to get a feeling for how they work and what your hiking needs might be. You could also seek information from product descriptions and reviews on the internet.

Decide about your entry level

Firstly, decide if you want an entry level hiking GPS unit that gives just your location position via map grid references or whether you want a hiking GPS unit that provides mapping information. Although cheaper with a longer battery life, the entry level device requires the use of a paper maps and a compass, this is good to know for your GPS unit purchasing strategies.

They also have a limited capacity for storing way points and routes. If you decide to go for mapping handheld GPS units, you then have to decide on which features you want: a gray-scale or colour screen; a built-in electronic compass; a barometric altimeter; expandable memory slots for extra maps, way points or routes; etc. You may want a recent development which is to include a two-way radio.

Although the hiking GPS unit is a fantastic development, if you choose not to use one and take advantage of its benefits, you can still continue to enjoy wonderful landscapes using your knowledge of how to use a traditional paper map and compass for your route finding navigation.

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